SPM 2012 – Account Answer

Q1 and Objective






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8 Responses to SPM 2012 – Account Answer

  1. Tan says:

    Hi teacher. I m really curious in how u got the amount inthe spm account past year 2012 paper 2 quaetion no 2……the sewa there.i would like to ask how do u get the 200 ?? Pls help me teacher..thank you soo much

    • tanyy1234 says:

      Hi, so sorry, I don’t have the question with me right now. You have the question right? You can send to me, so that I can answer you right now. If not, you must wait for few days because I need time to find out the question.

      • Tan Jia Ling says:

        Here is the ques teacher. I dun understand y taecher need to minus 200 for the sewa.
        Can teacher be detail please . Thank you

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  2. tanyy1234 says:

    hi, I cannot see your question. Maybe you can take a pic and send to my email.

  3. tanyy1234 says:

    The Sewa paid for 3 months (suku tahun) ended 30 Jun 2012, RM 600.
    Means pay for Apr, Mei, Jun, each month RM 200.
    Account end 31 Mei 2012, means Terdahulu 1 month, RM 200

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