ChartNexus setup step

Go to

Click on the Download :

Chart 1


Click Next:

chart 2


Click Next:

chart 3

Click Download Setup:

chart 4


Click Save File:

chart 5

Click the Button at the bottom:

chart 6

If the above icon did not come out, you can go here to find out the icon:

Chart 20

The the system will pomp up the Admin screen, and your background will change to dark. Just lick ‘Yes’, then you will see this.
Click Next:

chart 8

Click Next:

chart 9

Click Install:

chart 10


Click Launch application, then click Finish: then the program will start automatically.

chart 11

Click Continue:

chart 12

Click Upgrade Now:

chart 13


Now here you can choose where to store your data. If you are not sure about this just click Continue:

chart 14

Click on ‘Register a Free Account:

chart 19


Then fill in your detail. They will send the password to your email. After that you just key in username and password like previous screen shoot, then click Ok.

chart 15

Remember to choose KLSE: KLSE is for Malaysia share market. The SGX is for Singopore share market.

chart 18

chart 17

After click download just let it download all the data. There is 3 years data to download, so need to take some time.


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