3rd Quarter of 2016

9 Sept, 4pm
TSCO gap down last night, so I just close my TSCO Bear Spread last night. It is expected to be expired worthless next week, but I already have 99.99% profit on hand, so I just close it to prevent some unexpected thing to happen, and ruin my profit. You know, anything can happen in the market, and I am not god.
Planing to open another Bear Spread, looking for good candidate. I think this one not bad: STZ. It is already go side way for two months and couldn’t break out this strong resistance. So, I am going to look for good opportunity to enter this trade. The index going so high this few month, it is a little bit not rational if I chase the high, so I stay on my Bear Spread strategy.



25 Aug 2015, 3.08pm
等一下我的 Oldtown 就要公布业绩了,希望是好的。这两个星期都有很戏剧化的波动,不知道是不是特地的。是不是特地让 BB 打开,好让明天股价有位置可以 Gap Up?



23.08.2016 12.00am
Today try new investment tools..
I wanted to put in 2 units, forgot to change, end up only did the 1 unit. Never mind then, first try. If the stock price go side way, or go down, I will win. Just don’t go up, please…
spread 1



Again, this shows that most of the time, share market is up trend one..
It’s take almost one year to climb up, and only need one week to go back to the initial point. How cruel it is in the share market. When you are the one who bought one year ago, and already have about 90% profit on hand, but when you see your profit become 5% in a week, what will you do?





Time flies, 3rd quarter now..
Last night, most of the index showed turning down candle stick. Especially Nasdaq, a very confirm turning signal by showing Bearish Engulfing. Okay, it is time to take a short position for this two index. Base on historical chart, normally in the month of July, all the indexes will break new high, and then start from the end of July all will start to drop, and then follow by September deep.

sp 500 1


nas 1

A really nice breakout of Starbux on Tuesday, but yesterday come with this gap down, a little bit ugly. I think it is because of a news saying that Starbux is going to increase the pricing. Luckily it is still did not break the support, I hold my long position.

sbux 7


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